Alerts are now available in English

As part of the ongoing work of translating our web portal, our alerts pages are now available in both English and Norwegian.
Publisert: 06.07.2012

What will you find on the alerts pages?
On these pages you will find alerts, news and information about forged and counterfeit identity documents, as well as other information that is relevant for the identity work in the immigration administration. NID collects information from around the world, in addition to publishing our own alerts.

Subscribing to alerts
You can subscribe to alerts by adding one or more search filters, such as the type of document, a particular region, or specific countries. You will then receive an e-mail every time we have published an alert matching your search criteria.

Sharing information through alerts
As a member of the immigration administration you can send us information which you think it is important to share through alerts. You can use the following e-mail address:  NID always evaluates and assures the quality of the material before it is published.

The information on the alerts pages is exempt from public disclosure. Note that the non-disclosure agreement you accepted for using the portal also applies here.

Look for “Alerts” in the bottom left corner.