EdisonTD (short for travel documents) is a database containing information about travel and travel-related documents from almost every country on the globe. The database was developed by the Dutch authorities in close co-operation with the authorities in Australia, Canada, The United States of America, The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Interpol.

The content is available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Arabic.

EdisonTD verification level is freely available on the Internet and does not require you to sign in. You will find it here: http://www.edisontd.net/. If you want to learn how to use the database our online course on reference databases may be of help.

DISCS users have automatic access to EdisonTD control level, with more images and information available than in EdisonTD verification level. After logging on to http://www.discs.nl/, click 'Travel Documents'. Read about DISCS here.