First-line courses

First-line courses

This first-line course is a basic introduction to ID control. The course is for you who work in the public sector and must determine whether you are dealing with the correct person or not. It is suitable for those working with access control, in the front line or with case handling where identity is crucial to the outcome.

The Norwegian ID Centre first-line course consists of a digital course and a classroom course.

In the classroom, we offer a practical course in technical document control and facial comparison. You will be trained in the use of magnifier and UV light, and you will be given the opportunity to practice with both genuine and falsified documents. Additionally, you will be introduced to a methodological approach to facial comparison.

It is a requirement that you have completed the digital first-line course before you are accepted to the classroom course.

Digital first-line course (requires login)

Second-line course

Norwegian ID Centre offers a second-line course with a focus on technical document control. The second-line course is directed at people who:

  • have an advisory function to the front line within their own organisation.are responsible for training colleagues and new personnel
  • Handle cases that cannot be handled unassisted by the first-line

Applicants with these specific work tasks will be given priority when we select participants for second-line courses.

Normally, we organize two second-line courses each year – one in the spring and one in the autumn. The course is a blend of physical and digital sessions, and participants are required to allocate around ten working days over a two-month period. They will learn how to conduct in-depth technical and tactical ID assessments, how they should evaluate and present their findings in a report and how they should provide instruction on ID verification. The participants will also learn how to maintain the ID competence among first-line personnel within their organization.

Other training opportunities

We are also able to tailor training to address particular needs or dig deeper into specific topics. If capacity permits, we can also provide on-site practical guidance. ID personnel with proficiency at the second-line level can also apply for shadowing or shorter exchanges with us.

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Coming courses

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About the ID School

The ID School is a section of the Norwegian ID Centre.

We have seen that there is great variation in the level of competence of personnel assessing or determining ID and that there is a growing demand for ID training. Therefore, we are developing training products, information material and training packages for those involved in ID work.