Frequently asked questions

Is there anything you need to know? You will find the answers to some of our most common queries here.
Published: 6/22/2016
Illustration photo demonstrating the use of a passport reader

Below you will find a list of our most commonly-asked questions with answers. If you have additional queries, you can send them to:

We also have a switchboard where you will receive assistance with enquiries. The telephone number is: +47 22 69 90 22.

Our Document Control desk is open for technical enquiries from 9 am til 2.30 pm, Monday to Friday. The telephone number is: +47 40 43 27 05.

Which documents are foreigners in Norway expected to have?                    

This varies according to the residency status and nationality of the person involved.

The Norwegian ID Centre's fact sheet describes which ID documents different groups of people are expected to have. More information here.

In Attachment 4 of the Utlendingsforskriften(Regulations for foreigners), there is a summary of ID documents issued by EEA and EFTA countries which are approved as travel documents. Lovdata always has the latest updated version of this.

I think I am the victim of identity theft. What should I do?                    

It is important that you contact the police as quickly as possible.

The Norwegian Centry for Information Security, NorSIS, have a webpage with advice and tips on how to discover and prevent identity theft, which you will find here.

I need a Criminal Record Certificate. How do I apply?                    

Applications for Criminal Record Certificates must be sent to the police, who are also responsible for issue. You can read more about this here (scroll down for English).

National ID card                    

The Norwegian Directorate of Police has responsibility for national ID cards. However, these are not yet in production.

Information about Norwegian passports                    

The police have responsibility for the issue of Norwegian passports. For enquiries, contact your local police station.