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Information about the use of web cookies at www.nidsenter.no

Web cookies are small text files which are stored on the user's computer. These can be used to see which websites the user has previously visited, giving the point in time. It also indicates which website the user has just left.

The Norwegian ID Centre uses cookies together with Google Analytics, to analyse traffic, trends and user patterns.

By using www.nidsenter.no, you consent to our use of the information collected by cookies from your browser.

This information will only be used internally and for the purposes stated. It will not be sent on to others.

Google Analytics receive general Internet statistics, such as which browser is being used, the time of the visit, and the website the visitor just came from. We have also chosen to incorporate a script which removes the last digits from your IP address before the information is stored by Google Analytics. This allows the analysis tool to locate the user geographically, but cannot be used to identify the user personally.

You can prevent cookies being stored on your computer by changing your browser settings. For more information about Google's protection of privacy policy, click here.

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