User agreement

Statement of Consent

Our statement of consent has been revised in accordance with current privacy regulations. In order to be granted access to the restricted part of both current and new users must approve to this statement of consent.

The website you are about to log into contains confidential information. In order to be granted access to the restricted part, including e-learning courses and learning platform, you are required to accept the terms in this statement of consent

Information from the restricted part of this portal must not be misused or shared with unauthorized persons.

It is your strict duty to handle your username and password confidentially, lock the screen whenever you leave your computer and to store any documents you may have retrieved in a proper manner.

What personal information do you submit?

To be granted access to the restricted part of our portal, including the ID Database and e-learning courses, you are required to register your name and email address on your first login. To be able to use the Norwegian ID Centre e-learning courses some users are also required to state their place of work (district, special agency and the like).

What personal information do we store?

We store your email address and in some cases also your place of work (district, special agency and the like).

We store information regarding pattern of use, more specifically who has completed what, how much of a course has been completed and the amount of time spent.

What is the personal information used for by the Norwegian ID Centre?

Norwegian ID Centre uses information at group level to collect data concerning user satisfaction, number of users of the e-learning courses and the users’ work places. The data is stored to enable us to analyze the use of our courses.

Storage of information at individual level enables us to store the course history so as to provide the users with facts about which courses they have started or finished. This will enable you to continue a course that you started at a previous login. Data at individual level is also a prerequisite for being able to keep track of whether you have finished any mandatory courses (e.g. as preparation for a classroom course).

The data will also be used for statistics and analyses.

By accepting the terms of this statement of consent you also accept that Norwegian ID Centre may use your email address to send you information about courses and reminders about non-finished courses.

Can the information be deleted?

You may withdraw this consent at any time, and your personal information will be deleted. If you want to be deleted, please send an email to The email should be marked “Delete me”.

If you have any other inquiries regarding the terms of use or the data that is stored, please contact

Who has access to the personal information?

The personal information is stored in Microsoft Azure and Basefarm, which are the platforms used by our IT partners Visma Consulting and eFaktor. These IT suppliers use their access exclusively for management and maintenance of our services.

Internally at the Norwegian ID Centre the data is available for employees responsible for statistics and reporting about the use of our e-learning courses and for employees assigned to editorial work and portal management.

In some cases we may share data at both group and individual level with your employer. On request we can supply leaders or employees responsible for training with the following three types of reports: 

1.Report with figures at group level on number of users of one or more courses (at one workplace).

2.Report at group level on pattern of use (Personal information is kept anonymous)

3.Report at individual level on which users have completed one or more courses.


Revised 2.7. 2018