DISCS (Document Information System Civil Status) is a web-based reference system developed by the authorities of The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, The United Arab Emirates-Dubai and Norway (The Norwegian ID Centre). The aim of DISCS is to aid in the verification of foreign and national documents which contain information about marital status, identity, nationality, and other information on the holder's identity. DISCS contains information about genuine and false breeder documents, amongst other things. DISCS requires you to sign in with a password.

Employees of Norwegian organizations who have responsibility for checking documents and who require access to DISCS can send us an application containing the following information:

  1. Name or organization and email address.
  2. Static IP address (or a series of static IP addresses) for the public area in which DISCS will be used.

After approval, the Norwegian ID Centre will provide a username and password. DISCS is also accessible through iFADO, so if you're already granted access to iFADO there's no need for a separate DISCS access.

Learn how to use this database in our online course about DISCS (available in Norwegian only).

If you already have a username/password you can sign in to DISCS here.