The ID Network - background information

A report made by Oxford Research on behalf of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in 2013 concluded that Norway lacks a unified identity administration. Today the responsibility for clarification of identities is divided among several actors. The report pointed out that this will influence what kind of competence can be built in the area, and also which resources are allocated for the work. The fragmented administration also weakens the efforts that can be made to uncover false identities, the report pointed out.

The report recommended the following measures to remedy the situation:

  • Establish a special point of contact for ID
  • Improve the systems and the sharing of information
  • Establish an experience database with Q&A
  • Focus on experience learning in first-line work
  • Establish an ID network
  • Define the difference between identity change and name change
  • Evaluate the very concept of identity
  • Strengthen a unified administration
  • Define what kind of documents are ID documents and methods of identification
  • Consider the introduction of a gradation of reliability in ID clarification

The recommendation of the establishment of an ID network was based on the need for a network where all actors can meet to discuss challenges, strategies and measures. There is also a long-term need of a meeting place that allows for systematic, horizontal coordination, exchange of policy, exchange of experience and learning.

When the report from Oxford Research was made, there was already in existence a users’ forum at the Norwegian ID Centre consisting of actors in the immigration administration and the police. The report also commented that this forum could meet some of the need for an ID network, but that there was an unmet need for such a network even outside the immigration administration and the police.

Norwegian ID Centre in collaboration with The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration took the initiative to establish a network for public sector and the finance sector in Norway. When it was first established, it consisted of:

  • Norwegian ID Centre
  • The Police Directorate
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
  • Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service
  • Finance Norway
  • Norwegian Tax Administration
  • Labour Inspection Authority
  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre
  • Norwegain Directorate of Health
  • NorSIS
  • Norwegian Data Inspectorate
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Nokut

The first meeting of the ID Network took place on 24 September 2013.