Biometric systems in the immigration administration

A biometric system collects, processes, stores and compares biometric data.
Published: 4/14/2023
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The Immigration Service and the border control authorities use various biometric systems to carry out checks on the identity of foreigners. The Immigration Service and border control carry out biometric checks when applying for residence, visa or asylum, and when crossing the border and immigration checks.

We distinguish between two types of comparison, identification and verification. It will be clear from the situation and purpose of the regulations whether the purpose of the biometric control is comparison for identification or comparison to verify identity.

Here we have collected the various biometric systems in the immigration administration. The different situations for access to biometric search and comparison are given on the horizontal axis and the different systems are given on the vertical axis. Where the axes meet, we have systematized the overview so that we first indicate the basis for search and comparison, then whether there is an occasion for verification and/or identification, what type of biometric data is processed and which application is used.

This is a vast and ever-changing field, and we will review the matrix regularly. If you have input for content or changes, contact us here.