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Published: 11/4/2019
Bilde av etiopiske pass

Friday 25. October, Norwegain ID Centre hosted a breakfast meeting on the topic of Ethiopian ID documents, following one of our employees’ fact-finding mission to Ethiopia, in which also Landinfo and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID Expert in Nairopi, Kenyy, took part. The topic of the presentation was Ethiopian ID documents.

Great political reforms have taken place in Ethiopia lately, and this also includes a restructuring of the Ethiopian ID administration. In 2014, the central, national register Vital Events Registration Agency (VERA) was established. The fact-finding mission included a closer look at how vital events are registered and how national, standardized certificates are issued. There was also a focus on the new, electronic Kebele Card issued in Addis Ababa, along with passport application and issuance routines.

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Note: The language of the seminar is Norwegian.