ID course in prison

This week the employees at the Oslo Police District (arrest) attended an ID check course given by Norwegian ID Centre.
Published: 5/31/2018

Employees at the Oslo Police District detention cells receive proper instruction in ID checkup by custody officer Kine Haug of Oslo Police district and Knut Ivarson Øvregård of Norwegian ID Centre. The employees check the ID of detainees and take part in border control.

Yesterday’s course was the last group of custody officers who had not been through the first-line course, which is mandatory for anyone working with border control.

«Over the years the awareness and understanding of the importance of ID control has grown”, says Kine Haug, in charge of training and an employee at the detention cells for ten years.

«Any mistake we make will embed itself in the system and could be very difficult to correct. This makes the courses offered by The Norwegian ID Centre all the more useful”, she points out. She herself has also participated in our courses.

According to Haug they have benefited a lot from the competence of the ID Centre. “We have collaborated with Norwegian ID Centre since 2015 when our very first group got their first line training.

On-the-job training

Senior advisor Knut Ivarsøn Øvregård of Norwegian ID Centre says that the participants from the detention cells unit had to assess both genuine and falsified documents. On-the-job training of this type is often an advantage, he says.

«This will give all participants the same training and the same basic understanding of ID work, and they can exchange experiences and views”, says Ivarson Øvergård.