- Need for more reliable ID assessments

Our society needs more reliable ID assessments. This was one of the messages during the Norwegian ID Centre Theme Day for second line personnel which took place on 30 November.
Published: 12/4/2017

33 participants from police and public administration had found their way to a round of professional input.

Thursday 30 November the Norwegian ID Centre once again hosted a theme day for ID experts from a number of players. 33 participants from all over Norway gathered in Møllergata for professional input.

- Need for more reliable ID assessments

The first speaker was Anne Karin Storhaug from the International Police Immigration Unit. She has many years’ experience as police lawyer and is well acquainted with the challenges and problems linked to taking a case of identity assessment to court. Inadequate clarification or no clarification at all are both very challenging both for the police and for the courts. An inability to make a link between person and identity is potentially of severe consequences for society.

-Society needs more reliable ID clarification, was the message from Stohaug to a responsive audience.

In Storhaug’s opinion the issue of ID clarification is not only about technical document assessments, but something that concernt the entire ID administration in Norway.

Unified ID administration

In the Norwegian ID centre we work purposefully towards a more unified ID administration. Through the courses and training we offer to the administration we contribute to a higher competence and better knowledge that facilitates the ID work of everybody involved. More information regarding Norwegian ID Centre’s courses and training can be found in the sections for e-learning and in our course calendar.

The ID Database in essential

We also recommend that all our users visit our ID Database. The Norwegian ID Centre has developed the database to simplify checking and assessing identity. The database contains identity-related information based ordered by country and gives you access to more information regarding ID documents, personal registries, religions, languages, migration profiles and more. As a registered user of the portal you can take a closer look at the ID Database here.

Mads Osnes Jensen from Norwegian ID Centre spoke about risk analysis of the first-line ID work and how the second-line officers may use and benefit from the experiences of this in their work.

Vidar Rasmussen works with document checking at Gardermoen Airport. He spoke about the development regarding imposters and what the police is doing to meet this. International trends suggest that there is need for a change of focus in ID check to detect more imposters. More on this issue can be found here.

Information sharing

Victoria Sæther Miller and Vegard Pettersen of the Norwegian ID Centre reported from their fact-finding mission to Somalia last November. The information will be available in the ID Database from the beginning of 2019.

Håvard Grimsheim of the Norwegian Police Directorate presented the new Norwegian passports and ID cards, going through the essential characteristics of both.

Jon Gerhard Løvendal of Southeastern Police District shared his experiences with checking Lithuanian ID documents. Janne Moen Lyng talked about the goals of the Norwegian ID Centre courses and training. The ID Centre works continuously with developing and strengthening its entire training programme.

The next theme day will be part of the next second-line course at the end of May 2018.