ID Person

The ID Person Department provides information and advice regarding the methods and tools available to clarify identity, in situations where a person cannot document his/her identity or is only able to produce documents of low integrity.

We are optimistic that biometry will provide assistance in identity work. However, this field is regulated by Norwegian law. It also requires investment in advanced electronic equipment. ID Person is in the process of investigating both of these issues.

ID Person has expertise regarding methods and tools used nationally and internationally in identity work. We keep those working in the field of immigration updated about the possibilities currently available and about those that are in the pipeline. Methods and tools used in age assessment of unaccompanied minors and language analysis are under development, but raise a number of important questions.

ID Person gathers statistics, both nationally and internationally, and carries out analyses potentially of importance when new regulations are being drafted. We also advise the authorities when existing regulations complicate ID work in the field of immigration.

You will find a presentation of our staff here.