Service statement

It is important for the Norwegian ID Centre to offer good service.

Our staff are the public face of the Norwegian ID Centre. A bad impression can take a long time to erase, doing untold damage. Our ability to offer good service is important to maintain our position within the field of ID assessment, strengthening our collaborative efforts.

It is important that all of our users find our organization both service-minded and open.

Therefore, we will:

  • work to maintain a good level of service at the Norwegian ID Centre, with a focus on professional conduct
  • follow clear guidelines for dealing with external enquiries
  • circulate information about the Norwegian ID Centre in our contact with external collaborating partners
  • respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently 
  • communicate clearly
  • focus on co-operation and accessibility
  • maintain high professional standards

Our employees are obligated to:

  • respond to e-mail enquiries within 3 working days
  • activate the email automatic response function in case of absence OR refer enquiries to another contact person
  • distribute the minutes of meetings within a week
  • observe professional confidentiality
  • provide reliable and relevant information