The Norwegian ID Centre collect, compile and publicize statistics and analysis on misuse of ID documents and challenges related to ID. Our publications are useful tools in mapping ID challenges and can be used as an aid for the authorities in drawing up regulations and policies. Our analyses are also relevant for those employed in law enforcement, the immigration authorities or others involved in ID work. Most of our analyses are published in Norwegian with English summaries.

Misuse of ID documents

The Norwegian ID Centre publish the report Misuse of ID documents. The purpose of this series is to give a picture of the misuse of identity and breeder documents that has been detected in recent years. It was first published in 2014.

ID notes

Each month, the Norwegian ID Centre compile an ID note that is distributed to those who participate in our second line network. The notes contain information about ID documents, useful tips, statistics and trends. The statistics are compiled on the basis of a registration form developed by specialists at the Norwegian ID Centre.

Graph showing detected misuse of documents from 2012 to 2017