Changes to registered ID information

There may sometimes arise the need for changing the registered ID information of a foreigner in either DUF or the National Registry (DSF), if new information concerning the identity appears.

When will UDI make an ID change?

If new information concerning the identity of an alien appears after the application for residency or protection has been processed, a change of the identity information previously registered may be necessary.

Information about the new information may appear by the foreigner himself reporting that he has been registered with errroneous information or false identity, or because Norwegian authorities have began to suspect that the foreigner has submitted false identity information. Sometimes the previous homeland of foreigners will report the false identity or someone gives an anonymous tip.

The immigration administration is responsible for correcting erroneous identity information up until a positive decision and assignment of a national ID number. From then on the Tax Administration is responsible for changing name, date of birth, citizenship and other information which has been registered in the National Registry. If the change can be defined as an ID change, the Tax Administration must consult with UDI for a decision.

What is an ID change?

An ID change is a substantial change of a person’s identity information. Minor alterations of incorrect date of birth or name are not necessarily considered as ID changes. It depends on how significant the change is, and the reason stated by the alien as to why s/he wants to change the registered information. When the Tax administration suspects a real ID change the case will be transferred to UDI for processing. UDI then does a overall assessment of all the elements of the case and of whether the request for a change of the registered ID information has been sufficiently substantiated.

Possible consequences of stating incorrect identity information

An ID change may be an indication that the alien has previously submitted incorrect information regarding his/her identity. If this is the case UDI must consider whether previous residence permit has been based on false identity and there may be grounds for revoking previously granted permits or Norwegian citizenship. UDI must also consider whether the case involves a criminal offense that should be reported to the police. UDI has decision-making authority in ID change cases. And this is not a decision of a type that can be appealed to UNE.