Norwegian ID Centre's International ID Day 2018

Internationally recognized speakers will describe challenges and developments in secure identification in Norway, Europe and Africa. The conference is by invitation only.

Illustration photo showing the cover of the report "Evaluering av ID-arbeidet" from National ID-Centre.

Evaluation of ID control and assessment in Norway 2015

The Norwegian ID Centre has evaluated ID control and assessment carried out in Norway during 2015. Our report focuses on the reception centres at Tøyen in Oslo, Råde in eastern Norway and Kirkenes in the far North.

Picture of people attending a conference. Illustration photo.

Norwegian ID Centre user servey

From 2012, Norwegian ID Centre has been working systematically toward a comprehensive and uniform ID administration across different agencies and organizations.

Leader of the Norwegian ID-Centre, Arne Isak Tveitan

Need for better ID routines when issuing D numbers

According to the Director of the Norwegian Tax Administration, there is a need for more thorough routines when allocating D numbers in Norway.