Strategy Plan 2018-20


Norwegian ID Centre shall strengthen the ID work of the immigration administration, the police and other public bodies with responsibility for management of ID information.


Secure ID


Norwegian ID Centre shall contribute to the realization of the overarching goal of the authorities of swifter clarification of identity and return, and secure and efficient ID management.

Norwegian ID Centre shall:

  • Strengthen the work of clarifying the identity of foreigners living or arriving in Norway
  • Facilitate unified ID work in public administration
  • Be a centre of competence for all who work with ID management


  • ID competence
  • ID support
  • ID analysis
  • ID cooperation

Norwegian ID Centre shall facilitate good, coherent ID competence for the immigration administration. We shall offer training of resource personnel along with training material, and advise on the establishment of management systems for ID and for ID competence.

Priorities this period:

  • Establish common learning goals for personnel working with ID control
  • Include ID competence as a permanent element of basic training and function-based educations
  • Develop and share a wide range of physical and digital learning material
  • Build, and support in the building of, local competence in all central ID players


Norwegian ID Centre shall be the place where public bodies can seek advice and support in all ID-related matters.

Priorities this period:

  • Examine ID and breeder documents
  • Advise in individual cases
  • Continue the development of, including the ID Database as a tool for case management


Norwegian ID Centre shall be at the cutting edge of analysis, method and general professional development in the ID field. We shall also map ID challenges with an ambition to always improve our support to the authorities in the formation of regulations and policies.

Priorities this period:

  • Develop and recommend methods for document examination
  • Develop statistics and analysis products, risk profiles and trend reports
  • Evaluate ID management in public sector


Norwegian ID Centre shall contribute to enhanced coordination and collaboration between ID players and initiate good common solutions.

Priorities this period:

  • Further develop the ID Network as a meeting place for cooperation and exchange of experience
  • Strengthen the focus on the second-line network for sharing best practice and finding ways of meeting challenges
  • Collaborate with national and international players